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rode into town on Thursday morning in ~33mins, felt pretty buggered for such an average time.  This made more sense when I rode home just after lunch time.  I came from the south-west side of the city, and ended up going past the wine centre (where I reset the odometer) and then up payneham rd and lower north-east road till it ends.  Slightly more direct route but the hills at the end are much worse and there are traffic lights.  Anyway, I rode fairly well, but the tail wind probably had a lot more to do with my time of 29min 37sec.  I can't do that time on the way into town!  

This morning I did a 31min 15sec, average of 33.7, over 17.56kms with a max of 61kmh-1.  my ODO  stands at 4508km.  At about 8kms in I wasn't concentrating on the path while going into a corner and I nearly veered off the track into a large gum.

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privacypage Jul 24, 2008
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Thanks for the fav eh? Hope you're doing well. how's the riding?
yeah, long time no speak. The pedals are still spinning, though perhaps not as much as I'd like. Was really windy today.

Hope you're doing well.. I've enjoyed lots of the stuff you've posted recently.
Thanks, glad you're liking the stuff. I'm doing fine thanks! My pedals are still spinning as well! endorphine is addictive, i must say.
Thanks for the :+fav:
yo simmy's brother!
i'm sally
you met me at his 18th
(i was and am the radiohead fan)

i'm listening to thom yorke's new album
'the eraser'
i hope you have it, because if you dont.....get it.
that is all
hope you're well
Hi Sally, thanks for the message.. I've been pretty busy of late, hence the late reply. No, I haven't heard the new thom yorke album, I shall make sure I check it out though. Thanks for the tip.

I am well, hope you are too.

peace. ~m
are these the same locks you are using for your bike? [link]

For $14.95 (USD), that's cheaper than I expected. I was expecting to pay up to $50. I don't trust generic brands. Even ones that are "bic" proof.
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